Civil Service Reform


The UK is facing serious challenges. The Civil Service has managed to handle all the challenges the country has met so far but it maintained its international reputation for its efficiency only due to its ability to remain in step with the time. And the times that are ahead of us require the Civil Service to change again. The public wants it to change and the civil servants want it to change as well. The public demands less expensive and more efficient service, while the civil servants want changes in the old fashioned hierarchical structure which fails to recognise high performance and deal with under-performance that kept the Civil Service in stagnation for too long.

Her Majesty’s Civil Service has a number of strengths and has been a role model of efficiency for many countries worldwide. The Civil Service reform aims to retain its strengths that kept it functioning so well for so long but the changes are urgent in order for the Civil Service to meet the future challenges. The current plan of Civil Service reform amongst other foresees: